Embarrassed guy getting punished for stealing a bra

August 21st, 2010
hot cfnm punishment

This embarrassed guy was caught by two nasty girls when he was trying to steal a bra of one of them. Sure, the girls decided to punish him instantly. The made him remove his t-shirt and pants and then made laugh of him saying how insignificant was his dick and that he’d rather be a pretty girl. Fully clothed girls were not going to stop. They continued laughing and forced him to put on that bra and to stroke his cock before their lusty eyes. The guy will never forget that cruel cfnm lesson, for sure!

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Handsome gym instructor getting fucked by a bunch of horny girls

August 21st, 2010
cfnm sex party in gym

These nasty girls love visit the gym as often as they can to keep themselves in a good shape and to have some fun. They have a very handsome gym instructor and adore teasing him with their hot sweaty bodies. But today the girls wanna have even more fun and their training turns into a hot cfnm sex party. They tied the instructor, removed his clothing and enjoyed his well sized rock hard cock in full measure. The guy got the most unforgettable blowjob in his life and then was forced to fuck every hot hole of those nasty clothed females.

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Bad bartender’s cfnm humiliation

August 21st, 2010
bartender's cfnm humiliation

If you wanna get some free drink you should act as these lusty sluts that came into the bar and started to seduce a bartender exposing him a bit of sweet tits and promising him much more. But as soon as he believed in his lucky chance the sluts accused him in incompetence and the poor bad bartender had no choice except to strip naked in front of them and to let them jerking him off. He felt humiliated and pleased at the same time. And the nasty clothed females got free drinks!

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Humiliated bank clerk getting punished by clothed female colleagues

August 21st, 2010
office cfnm humiliation

This bank clerk was not good enough worker. So his female bosses decided to punish him. The guy got a choice either to be fired or to strip naked and to obey those cruel clothed females. The clerk hesitated a bit but then he agreed to take off all his clothes to get the punishment. He felt so humiliated when the women examined his naked body and then started to spank his ass. And finally they forced him to jerk off right in front of them enjoying his hot sticky jizz.

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Excited girls go out of control on hot cfnm party

August 21st, 2010
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These lusty college girls visit a nightclub almost every night to have some fun and to meet some handsome guy to fuck. But sometimes they arrange a hot cfnm party with participation of an irresistible male striptease dancer that entertains them getting absolutely naked in front of them and letting those nasty clothed women to do with him just everything they want. Can you imagine a bunch of cock-hungry mouths wrapping around the guy’s rock solid cock?

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